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  JOIN THE DIALOGUE! Mind - the Gap is an participatory art project, which means that co-creation is held over singular artisic genius. The artist seeks feedback and interaction rather than a passive crowd cheering or booing. The process is an INVITATION to interact, remix, branch off, neglect, dissect, create with the IDEA OF ATTEMPTING TO GRASP WHAT IS NOT THERE, doing RESEARCH through social interaction which is not solemnly defined by the rule systems of art institutions, science venues or universities. MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND IN COLLABORATION.






  MULTIPLE MEANINGS OVER SINGULAR DENOTATIONS! Interactions always bear various interpretations. Truth can be a polyvalent concept in a monovalent statement. Mind - the Gap invites to step ahead of TINA (There Is No Alternative) and use your brain and body to find various meanings of the "same" thing. This seems especially promising if you apply polyvalent thinking to a self-referential process like thinking about yourself, YOUR BRAIN, THIS HAND, THIS THOUGHT. A MIND IS A ROSE AND ROSES ARE LIKE BRAINS – DO NOT IMAGINE A ROSE NOW. MIND YOUR HEAD!









  STEP INTO TROPIC OF TROPES! Tropes are a term for a special kind of rethoric figures like e.g. metaphors. You say something, but you mean something else with it. Mind - The Gap invites to consciously avoid the literal sense, unless the literal sense is used in a metaphoric way. Tropes are considered as building blocks of understanding and communication. Artistic approaches may use tropes but more likely tend to break even with the "normal" understanding of a metaphor. TRY NOT TO BE DESCRIPTIVE, chasing the tail of ONE meaning. UNDERSTANDING CAN BE TURNED. IF YOU TURN YOUR UNDERSTANDING ON UNDERSTANDING, YOU MIGHT UNDERMINE UNDERSTANDING, BUT YOU SURELY MOVE INTO UNKNOWN REALMS. WHAT HAPPENS IN BETWEEN MOMENTS OF UNDERSTANDING?








  MIND - THE GAP IS A BODY. Not a just brain. Sense is more than logic sense, it means sensing with all your instruments. It may be a sense where language is lacking and insufficient. Participation in dull sense might simply be interaction with the audience, but Mind - the Gap is no participatory theater. It deals with your real world, not with a staged artistic scenario like a white cube. All your senses may be part of an idea which is more about a posture, about what IS a "point" of view and if such a singular point exists. You are encircled by a fourth wall, the world is your proscenium theater to entertain you. Only you have the means to break trough that wall, but it might not be the artist´s performance which triggers that. USE YOUR BODY.








MIND - THE GAP IS IT´S FEEDBACK. The project´s proliferating process is conceived as a being playful. Mind - the Gap is a dialogue, a repetitive statement of interdependent communication. An unidirectional proclamation is simply less fun without someone shouting back. Resonance occurs, when there is a tendency to pick up frequencies of complex vibrations or waves. You resonate when you partly oscillate with the kinetic energies of another system - also causing damping in that system. Play occurs, if you engage in such exchange. If you give something back rather than solemnly take. A PLAYFUL RESPONSE IS NEVER WRONG.



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